Aronia Festive
Box Packaging



Cheong Kwan Jang


Art Direction


To build on the positive sentiment of year end festivities, Cheong Kwan Jang wants to position itself as a viable gift option while championing its hero product from its GoodBase range — the (very tasty) Korean Red Ginseng with Aronia drink.


As a premium Korean Red Ginseng brand, Cheong Kwan Jang’s packaging tends to be polished and muted. However, GoodBase, its more casual range, is often positioned as a gateway to the brand’s (more bitter) range of products. I decided to capitalize on that and have fun with this limited edition packaging by turning to expressive typography, bold colours, and fun shapes to spread some festive cheer.

Note: This limited edition release is part of Cheong Kwan Jang’s Q4 Gifting Campaign.

[1]Large Box Sleeve Design

[2]Small Box Sleeve Design

Your Gifts, Personalized

Each box of Korean Red Ginseng with Aronia comes with three smaller boxes — perfectly sized for festive gifting needs.
Of course, we had to include a customizable field on the small box that allows the gifter a personalized gifting experience. All to let your recipient to know: this is specially for you!

[3]Social Media Posts
Process/Unused Options
[4]Social Media Extensions for Q4 Gifting Campaign

Social Media

Click on any of the 12 squares above to see them live!

The clients liked the packaging’s outcome and requested for a social extension to a series of giveaways.
With a series named 12 Days of Gifting, I came up with an advent calendar concept with a “box opening” animation to invite viewers to participate in the giveaway.