Documentation of UCMF


In our current climate of techno-optimism, there is a growing belief that the right interface, algorithm or technological intervention can lead us to a life free from problems of all varieties, thus ushering in a techno-utopic era our predecessors could only have dreamt of.

The United Council of Modern Frustrations is a project that explores the manifestations of our utopian desires through our relationship with technology, where the unduly optimistic faith we have in technology now can be seen in some of the emerging and existing developments in the field. Through the use of illustrations and speculative design, I hope to express the futility and limitations of turning to technology as a quick-fix to our problems and in doing so, suggest an alternate reading of how we view this dissatisfaction we have with our lives.

The United Council of Modern Frustrations has been set up in response to the growing cries for an antidote to fix our broken world. Their solution? Four separate micro-utopias that each eradicate a particular affliction that is shared and universal among humankind;

the frustration of –

i) inadequacy

ii) heartbreak

iii) conformity

iv) and the lack of money

And with that, the option to live in a true state of happiness, free from life's difficulties has become an option available to all.”


( Technological Solutions )

Each micro-utopia resolves its assigned frustration through the adoption of its own unique technological solution.

All of these technological solutions that are explored in the project have been based on technology that is either i) in existence or ii) currently under development. This ensures that even as the scenarios explored are entirely new realities, the extrapolation from our current reality will allow for the viewer to be able to better consider the implications of our present-day practices and ideals.

( Manifesto )

Since the basis of all the micro-utopias is predicated on how a particular frustration has been resolved through the existence of some kind of technology, then surely there also has to be a certain kind of mindset and lifestyle that will help preserve and support this utopian state of no suffering. Thus, each micro-utopia comes with its own manifesto that details such behaviour.

Micro-Utopia #1
Frustration of: The Lack of Money

An exploration on automation, post-scarcity societies and 3D printing

We took matters into our own hands and built a society that celebrates the things in life that are truly worth investing in: the material and tangible. Down with the 1%, be the 100%! Ours is a culture of shared decadence. We take the pleasures of life seriously; in fact, it is the very driving force of our society, our raison d’être, if you will.

Every week, load up The Dispensary and choose from one of the four upgrades for yet another week of a life well-lived. Will you luxuriate in copious amounts of fine wine or do you want to turn your good night’s (or day?) sleep into a multi-sensory experience this week? The possibilities are all at your fingertips. It's your call.

Micro-Utopia #2
Frustration of: Inadequacy

An exploration on automation, post-scarcity societies and 3D printing

If you are frustrated with the flaws you were born with, and are on the verge of resigning to fate – don’t. After years of dedication to researching biotechnology, we have made significant breakthroughs and discovered highly viable ways that have proven to liberate the human race from its biological constraints. Mediocrity is obsolete, get on board and join the new movement of transhumanism.

Micro-Utopia #3
Frustration of: Conformity

An exploration on automation, post-scarcity societies and 3D printing

Here’s one for all the outcasts, rejects, and the people who feel like they have never belonged. In the post-truth era of alternative facts and distorted personalized feedback loops, it’s become increasingly difficult to stand by the Truth. Much still stands in the way of our quest for spreading Truth and although our present society still has a long way to go, we need no longer be held prisoners to the stilted system. We have created a space that allows every citizen to transcend the physical and societal barriers that were previously standing in their way of achieving credibility.

Micro-Utopia #4
Frustration of: Heartbreak

An exploration on automation, post-scarcity societies and 3D printing

In the recent years, we have witnessed the antiquation of some of the most pressing problems in the history of humanity. Big Data has not only fixed our broken health and education system; this time, it will fix your broken heart as well – bid goodbye to the days of heartbreak and disappointment! Simply follow our quick 3 step process to have your core code read, uploaded and analyzed. Then, let The Machine do the guesswork for you and be rest assured that in no time, you will be matched to a partner of absolute compatibility and begin life anew.


In a culture that places such importance on happiness, to not feel happy would be to fall short of expectations. And with this grew the seed that would sow our deep longing for our own personal utopias; a yearning for an escape from the growing disconnect we feel with an unrelatable reality that purports a perpetual state of happiness. And yet the problem with pursuing happiness as an aim and end is that it is inherently futile.