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Project type: School
Tags: Illustration, Infographic

We were given a brief on the subject of time. Everything else was up to our interpretation.

Beginning with the idea that all our current adopted modes of measuring time are man-made constructs, and that our experience of time is entirely subjective, I have decided to emphasize the futility of grasping a completely accurate way of measuring time in the project. This project therefore seeks to reimagine an alternative way of measuring time by proposing one that is completely subjective. The idea is that if we have to turn to ourselves to measure time, then surely we must accept that time will always be subjective and the mysterious workings of the universe that controls time works on it’s own, as an independent agent.

Based on the theory of the microcosm and macrocosm, I created two large-format posters to address this brief. The macrocosmic poster sets to explain how time and the universe came to be, while the microcosmic poster explains how our bodies and the immediate environment can be used as markers of time. I also based the posters on the idea of blueprints, in that these posters suggest an alternative blueprint of time. This project is also accompanied by a mini booklet that breaks down the various elements and symbols within the posters for the reader to better understand how these "blueprints" work.