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After existing in almost complete secrecy for thousands of years, Tempus Otium has surfaced very recently in the public's eye. Many of our believers have successfully fled from the confines of their conscience and reported that they have experienced an average of 98.3% increase in the quality of their sleep.

Tempus Otium has always been very clear on what it champions. Afterall, it is latin for “ leisure time.”

Its teachings contain workable answers to the problems people face in their lives. In fact, the subject matter of Tempus Otium is all life. If we understand time wasting as a refusal to do what is required of the situational context, then indeed history has shown us the importance of wasting time.

Tempus Otium welcomes people from all walks of life, regardless of your daily, monthly, and life-long inclinations. We advocate and encourage the practice of time waste, that is, procrastination, boredom and distraction. Spiritual fulfillment can be gained when the three aspects - the trinity - are abided to.

Tempus Otium

Project type: School
Tags: Illustration, Web Design

The aim of my project is to challenge the notion of procrastination, boredom and distraction as being negative states.

This idea came about when I noticed that there has been a growing obsession with productivity. Life hacks started out as a means to simplify and optimize one's routine. A cheat code to living better, if you will. This quickly snowballed and spiralled out of control into what has now been coined as a cult of productivity. To counter this? A fictional cult/social movement called Tempus Otium which translates to leisure time in Latin.

I then started to look into gamification as a means to encourage time waste, which is fitting as games are often thought of as a vehicle to squander off precious time. On the other hand, I realized that all games hold this fundamental truth: they motivate through a reward system for completing goals. Hence, I went with a satirical approach by designing a website for gamifying time waste. It centers around the fictional cult Tempus Otium, set in an absurd world - as absurd as our current obsession with productivity - with its own manifesto, mythologies and magical beings.