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United Council Of Modern Frustrations

Project type: School
Tags: Illustration, Web Design, Infographic

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The United Council of Modern Frustrations has been set up in response to the growing cries for an antidote to fix our broken world. Their solution? Four separate micro-utopias that each eradicate a particular affliction that is shared and universal among humankind; the frustration of inadequacy, heartbreak, conformity, and the lack of money. And with that, the option to live in a true state of happiness, free from life's difficulties has become an option available to all.

This project explores the manifestations of our utopian desires through our relationship with technology, where the unduly optimistic faith we have in technology now can be seen in some of the emerging and existing developments in the field. Through the use of illustrations in the construction of four micro-utopias, I hope to express the futility and limitations of turning to technology as a quick-fix to our problems and in doing so, suggest an alternate reading of how we view this dissatisfaction we have with our lives.